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Nebraska's Bo Pelini: Marijuana use in society 'out of control'


Nebraska coach Bo Pelini railed against marijuana use on Friday morning when he was the guest speaker at a local radio station's "Big Red Breakfast."

The Omaha World-Herald reported that Pelini spoke about the challenges that face coaches at the weekly event, sponsored by Omaha radio station KFAB-AM, and when he was asked to expound on that, his comments about marijuana followed.

He said marijuana use was a societal problem and added, "It is out of control."

"Let's face it: It's not OK," Pelini said, per the World-Herald. "I think everybody that's our age, my age, hopefully understands that it's not OK. It's not good. It's not good for you. And these kids do it on a daily basis and a yearly basis ... and it's a real problem out there.

"Fortunately for us, it is not (an issue) in our program. But I can tell you around college football and college athletics ... serious in college. I guarantee you walk into dorms nowadays and it is a horrible problem."

The Huskers open their season Saturday at home against Florida Atlantic. FAU used to be coached by Bo's older brother, Carl. But Carl Pelini resigned last October for what athletic director Patrick Chun called illegal drug use. But Pelini denied that, and FAU's interim president later clarified the situation, saying Pelini lost his job because he "failed to timely report certain conduct" of a staff member.

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