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Nebraska coach Bo Pelini plays a prank at his players' expense

In a video uploaded to the Nebraska football team's YouTube account Friday, irritated Huskers coach Bo Pelini smashes the cell phone of senior defensive tackle Thad Randle with a hammer.

Relax -- it was a prank.

Last Friday night, there was supposed to be a practice. Instead, Pelini decided to hold a "movie night" for his team, but didn't tell the players (except for Randle, that is). When the team gathered together in a meeting room, Pelini began addressing them. Then Randle's cell phone went off. That's a big no-no, as Pelini has banned phones from team meetings.

Pelini storms out of the conference room and lets his assistants reiterate the "no phones" policy.

Pelini then returns and asks, "Whose phone was it?"

He gets the phone and promptly smashes it with a hammer. He then walks Randle into a hallway; a few seconds later, it's obvious there is an argument of some kind going on in the hallway. As players fixate on the noise, a message pops up on the large video screen at the front of the meeting room:

"Got Ya! We're going to a movie tonight. -- Bo"

The players then begin laughing and cheering.

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