NCAA selling Reggie Bush autographs from vacated bowl game


According to the official NCAA record books, Reggie Bush never played in the 2005 Orange Bowl, but that won't stop college athletics' governing body from selling an autographed picture of Bush in that game for $179.95.

Bruce Feldman of CBS Sports pointed out the absurd hypocrisy on Twitter, building off an observation from ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas that searching for the names of eight well-known current players, including South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron and USC wide receiver Marqise Lee brought up jerseys featuring their number for sale.

Search Johnny Manziel, currently under investigation for allegedly selling his autograph in violation of NCAA bylaws, and you can buy a Texas A&M No. 2 replica. Even more amusing, or damaging for the embattled NCAA, searching for Manziel's Johnny Football nickname brings up Aggies apparel as the second, third and sixth results.

Bush's records were wiped clean, along with 15 games he played in and the Trojans' 2004 BCS national championship, because of the hundreds of thousands of dollars in free housing, cash, and other benefits he and his family allegedly received while in college.

It is just another black eye for the NCAA, which is under attack from within its own membership and externally from a potential class-action lawsuit brought by former UCLA basketball player Ed O'Bannon among others, revealing an organization that seems more than willing to profit from the status of the very student-athletes it has accused of illegally profiting from their status.

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