Most fascinating pro comps for prospects in 2016 NFL Draft

Editor's note: In breaking down tape and talking with his pro and college sources, NFL Media draft analyst Lance Zierlein has come up with some fascinating pro comparisons for prospects in this year's draft. Here's a look at 14 of the most intriguing comps, with an explanation from Zierlein for each one. Full scouting reports by Zierlein are available here.

Jared Goff, QB, California

The NFL comp:Matt Ryan
The skinny: Goff and Ryan have similar body types and arms. Like Ryan was in 2008, Goff is pro-ready as he heads into the league. The most glaring difference between the two is that Ryan worked in a pro-style offense, where Goff works exclusively from shotgun and pistol.

Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State

The NFL comp:Blake Bortles
The skinny: Both quarterbacks have big frames and are mobile outside of the pocket. Another similarity is that they both come into the league a little bit "behind" their contemporaries. Wentz is behind because of his level of competition and Bortles was behind because of the simplicity of his scheme at Central Florida.

Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State

The NFL comp:Edgerrin James
The skinny: I love this comparison. Like "Edge", Elliott is a complete player who is physical and full of attitude as a runner. He can weave between being aggressive and elusive as a runner, much like the former Indianapolis Colts and Arizona Cardinals running back.

Jordan Howard, RB, Indiana

The NFL comp:Arian Foster
The skinny: While Howard doesn't quite have the exact same pace and tempo as Foster, both excel in zone schemes, both are big backs, both have very good vision and both have enough speed to get around the corner and hit a play outside if you don't flow hard enough.

Laquon Treadwell, WR, Ole Miss

The NFL comp:DeAndre Hopkins
The skinny: Hopkins is the more sudden of the two players from an athletic standpoint, but both receivers are exceptionally competitive when the ball is in the air and both players have very strong hands. Another similarity is that Hopkins could win vertically without great speed, and Treadwell is not expected to blaze the 40-yard dash at the combine.

Tyler Boyd, WR, Pittsburgh

The NFL comp:Keenan Allen
The skinny: Allen came into the league without great speed, but was physical and very productive. Boyd doesn't look very fast on tape, but he's able to make the difficult catch (like Allen) and is highly competitive with an ability to grind out yards after the catch. Both have great body control and both are quality possession receivers when called on.

Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss

The NFL comp:Tyron Smith
The skinny: Tunsil doesn't quite have the size or arm length of Smith, but he is on-par with Smith athletically and has better technique. The comparison here is more about the updside than the play style or body type.

Cody Whitehair, OG, Kansas State

The NFL comp:Zack Martin
The skinny: Like Martin before him, Whitehair played tackle in college but projects as a guard in the pros. Like the two-time Pro Bowl selection Martin, Whitehair has really good body control and strength and both come into the league with high floors.

Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State

The NFL comp:Ryan Kerrigan
The skinny: While some mention J.J. Watt as a comp when discussing Bosa, he's not as big or explosive as Watt. Kerrigan and Bosa have similar frames and both combine pass-rush skill with functional power when rushing. Kerrigan has been a productive pass rusher throughout his career with the Washington Redskins, but is not a superstar. I see the same for Bosa in the NFL.

DeForest Buckner, DE, Oregon

The NFL comp:Calais Campbell
The skinny: Buckner and Campbell have very similar frames and both have the rare ability to be very tall, high-end rushers from an interior position. Like Campbell, Buckner is entering the league as an ascending player who should keep getting better.

Jaylon Smith, LB, Notre Dame

The NFL comp:Derrick Johnson
The skinny: Both players are long and athletic with terrific speed entering the league. A young Johnson and Smith have the speed to chase from sideline to sideline, and can have an impact on any given down.

Scooby Wright III, LB, Arizona

The NFL comp:Zach Thomas
The skinny: Like Miami Dolphins great Thomas, Wright won't check all the athletic boxes that teams and pundits look for, but they are both highly instinctive players who seem to have an idea of where the ball is going before it is even snapped. They are also high-end production guys.

Jalen Ramsey, CB, Florida State

The NFL comp:Sean Smith
The skinny: Neither is absolutely clean from a coverage standpoint, but Ramsey and Smith have great size and speed. Each players' length is an additional premium feature of the position. Ramsey, unlike Smith is being considered as a safety as well.

Miles Killebrew, SS, Southern Utah

The NFL comp:Deone Bucannon
The skinny: Bucannon was drafted as a safety and was fairly limited in that role. However, when the Arizona Cardinals moved him to inside linebacker, Bucannon was able to become a much more high-impact player. Killebrew is extremely physical and tough, and he might be able to make a living around the box just like Bucannon.

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