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Missouri QB James Franklin named captain, but not starter

James Franklin_130803_ToS

Captain Backup?

That's not exactly the position Missouri quarterback James Franklin finds himself in, but Tigers coach Gary Pinkel wouldn't rule it out as a possibility, reports the Kansas City Star. Pinkel's own words:

"In the 23 years I've been a head coach, I can think of four captains who lost their jobs. The captain has nothing to do with any player keeping his job. You can flip it, spin it, turn it all you want, OK, and you probably all will, but I'm telling you, I don't operate like that, OK?"

OK, let's call him Captain Limbo for now.

It's a strange start to Franklin's final collegiate season. He was among the Big 12's most prolific quarterbacks in 2011, but in Missouri's first voyage through the SEC last year, he was alternately injured and ordinary. Multiple injuries ultimately made his junior season one to forget, but now fully healthy, Franklin must return to his Big 12 form if NFL scouts are going to take notice.

He's certainly big enough (6-2, 230) and athletic enough to play at the next level. Whether he has the arm for it will be the question this fall.

Assuming Pinkel eventually gives his team captain the starting nod.

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