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Mike Mayock mock draft: Myles Jack slides out of top 10

CHICAGO -- Myles Jack was asked Thursday morning at the NFL's Play 60 event about the prospect of landing with the New York Giants. The linebacker from UCLA, like his usual self, was all smiles while reminiscing about a recent visit to the Big Apple.

"I love how fast it is, it's a great city, and I would love to be a New York Giant," he said. "As long as I'm still in the top 10, I think that would be great."

It wasn't too long ago that Jack was considered a top-five lock, but that was before reports of degenerative issues with his surgically repaired right knee started popping up. The Giants have the No. 10 pick, so landing in New York would satisfy his goal.

But in his first and only mock draft that will be revealed on NFL Network Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET, analyst Mike Mayock, we're told, has Jack's wait in the green room extending past the first 10 picks.

Among other interesting tidbits from Mayock's mock that were revealed to us:

» Laremy Tunsil, who just two weeks ago, was the odds-on favorite to go first overall, isn't even the first tackle off the board. Notre Dame's Ronnie Stanley is.
» Four wide receivers go in the first round, and the first off the board is not named Laquon Treadwell or Corey Coleman.
» Nine players from Ohio State and Alabama are drafted in the first round. We double-checked Paul DePodesta's math and that comes out to 29 percent of all players taken in Round 1.
» There's a third top-10 trade.

Mayock hinted at Stanley's recent rise while talking to reporters last week on a conference call.

"There's been some Ronnie Stanley momentum among the top 10 teams, even over Laremy Tunsil," Mayock said last Friday. "I think the conversation is that Tunsil might be a better athlete today, but Stanley's a better run blocker and his feet are really close. As an evaluation, they're very close. Stanley has no off-field issues, and there are some teams that really like Stanley."

As for Jack, the UCLA linebacker some consider to be the best player in this draft says he's not too concerned about where he'll get drafted. However, his family isn't as calm. His mother, La Sonjia, has been fishing around, trying to get any information she can. Last week, she called NFL Media senior analyst Gil Brandt, who recruits the players to come to the draft city, seeking info on how team's were interpreting her son's medical reports.

Jack, on the other hand, seems to be taking it all in stride.

"Leading up to the draft, there is always a headline," he said Wednesday. "I guess I got lucky to be that guy. My friends and family, they get the maddest about it. Me, I'm ready for Thursday.

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