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Michigan's Jim Harbaugh: Steak is my daily vitamin


The side effects of the Jim Harbaugh diet seem to include occasional fits of rage and an unusual appreciation for khakis, but if anyone's interested in following the Michigan coach's guide to becoming a Michigan quarterback, he laid out four tips on Monday.

During his radio show, Harbaugh was asked for advice on how to help a child grow up to become a 6-foot-5 UM signal-caller.

The coach replied with his list of "natural steroids":

  1. Sleep
  1. Milk (whole milk, of course)
  1. Water
  1. Steak

"I take a vitamin everyday. It's called a steak," Harbaugh said.

As MLive Media Group's Nick Baumgardner points out, Harbaugh isn't the first to make the comment about steak as a vitamin. It was a line said by the character played by actor Robert Duvall in the 2005 movie "Kicking and Screaming".

There's no word on what comes in at No. 5 on Harbaugh's list, but we're guessing it's probably eating a second steak.

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