Miami selling T-shirts celebrating controversial win over Duke

The ACC might have suspended the officiating crew that botched multiple calls on Miami's miracle eight-lateral kickoff return to beat Duke on Saturday, but that doesn't mean Miami is suspending its celebration of the play.

Or its profit from it:

Yes, for $24.95, this piece of history can be yours, complete (err, incomplete) with no reference to Miami's Mark Walton being down before his lateral pitch, or a blatant block in the back at the Miami 16-yard line that was missed as well. You had to know UM, in the midst of a miserable season in which head coach Al Golden has been fired, wouldn't show even a shred of remorse about the win that shouldn't have been.

Not with this official response to the suspension of the crew:

Translated: The league can suspend any official it wants. But down here in Coral Gables, we'll just suspend belief.

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