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Mayock: Randy Gregory could fall to Round 2 of 2015 NFL Draft

Quarterbacks were the big talking point in draft circles after NFL Media analyst Mike Mayock released his new position rankings, which have Marcus Mariota leaping Jameis Winston as his No. 1 QB.

One other notable change that seemed to fly under the radar was the adjustment Mayock made in his edge rusher rankings, moving Nebraska's Randy Gregory into the No. 2 spot. Gregory has slipped on boards across the league after it surfaced in an interview with NFL Media that he tested positive at the NFL Scouting Combine for marijuana, but the tape still says he's one of the best players at his position, per Mayock.

"I'm very aware that he is going to slide. He could wind up in the twenties or even into the second round," Mayock said Wednesday on NFL Network's "Path to the Draft." "There's two reasons I moved him up. One, he's an undeniable top-10 talent. He's been nationally humiliated by testing positive for marijuana at the combine. He's going to lose millions of dollars as he slides down everybody's board. As such, I look at this as an opportunity to get an unreal talent later in the draft for less money. He's going to be motivated with something to prove, especially if he can get in a locker room that's solid with really good mentoring."

Gregory has kept a low profile since revealing the failed drug test but has been busy flying across the country for private workouts. Though his name might be absent from the latest top 10s in mock drafts, the raw skills and ability to get to the quarterback appear quite evident to Mayock.

"I look at this kid as the ultimate boom or bust," he said. "Three years from now, he's either going to be in the Pro Bowl or he's going to be out of the league."

Such is likely to be the case with a number of talented prospects, and Gregory has earned his place in that category, thanks to his failed drug test.

NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah said Wednesday on "Path to the Draft" that he could see Gregory going as high as No. 3 to the Jacksonville Jaguars and as low as No. 38 in Round 2 to the Washington Redskins.

While some teams have no doubt adjusted him down the board as a result of the off-the-field issues, others are likely seeing Gregory in the same light Mayock does as a potential draft-day steal later in the first round.

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