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Marcus Mariota helps recreate classic 'Animal House' scene

There's something that clashes with Marcus Mariota's wholesome, clean-cut image to place him squarely in the role of John Blutarsky at perhaps the most raucous fraternity party in cinematic history.

It might not be a move that an apparel company would make with, say, Johnny Manziel.

But with Mariota safety drafted No. 2 overall and his professionalism as credible as it could be the day before his NFL career even begins, Nike went there with this parody of a classic "Animal House" scene, which also serves as a promotional video for the Oregon Ducks. Who other than Mariota can you identify from Ducks lore?

Yup, Mariota doing "Animal House" is certainly a shock to the senses, but he's not the only party animal in the ad. All sorts of notable Oregon Ducks got into the act: Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Fouts, former running backs LaMichael James and Kenjon Barner, and former Detroit Lions first-round pick Joey Harrington are just a few of the cast members.

Now, can we clean this place up before Dean Wormer shows up?

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