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Maine Black Bears poke fun at Indianapolis Colts' failed trick play

One might expect a fair amount of ridicule for the Colts' foiled and folly trick-play attempt Sunday, in a 34-27 loss to the Patriots, to come from Patriots fans or, even, Colts fans.

But the Maine Black Bears, from that bedrock of football pedigree known as the Colonial Athletic Association, went ahead and took a 15-yard penalty for piling on, as well:

The play is actually four years old, from a 2011 overtime win over James Madison, so it's not as though the Black Bears pulled off a day earlier what the Colts failed to pull off Sunday. Nor is it particularly similar, other than that both plays were run from gadget formations. The Maine play was a two-point conversion, not a fake punt, in which there wasn't even a pretense of a kick (notice, there's no holder). Another not-so-insignificant difference? The snapper for the Black Bears had only one defender in front of him, rather than three, which ultimately was the reason the Colts' play had zero chance of success and will live in infamy.

As trolls go, this one was a little light on comparative substance. Except for that pesky success-vs.-failure factor.

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