Mack Brown's attorney: SMU reps contacted Brown about job


Mack Brown is spending his Saturdays as a college football analyst this year, but the former Texas coach might return to the sideline before long.

Brown has been mentioned as a candidate for the open vacancy at SMU quite a bit since June Jones resigned Sept. 8, and with good reason, it appears.

There have already been some conversations between Brown and school representatives, according to Brown's attorney and powerful Longhorns booster Joe Jamail.

"He was approached, I was approached, but he's not interested in coaching anywhere right now," Jamail told the Austin American-Statesman, regarding SMU's interest. "He likes what he's doing. He misses it, frankly, but he loves being on ESPN."

What's more, Jamail says Brown has already been offered several jobs (presumably before this season started) and Brown has turned them down.

"For comparable pay to what he was making and more," Jamail said, per the report.

Considering Brown made roughly $5 million a year coaching Texas, that seems far-fetched.

Still, it's no surprise the 63-year-old former coach wants to run a program again after being pushed out at Texas following the team's decline since an appearance in the 2010 BCS National Championship Game. He did win more than 200 games in Austin and has a career winning percentage of nearly 67 to go along with a national title, so you can see why some programs might be intrigued to add such a big-name head coach.

Jamail said that Brown will make a decision in December as to whether he'll coach somewhere next season. Whether that's at SMU remains to be seen, but the talkative former head coach appears to be a name to keep an eye out for when the coaching carousel kicks into high gear in the coming months.

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