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Lynch preps 'challenging' script for golden pro-day opportunity

Note: NFL Network will have live coverage of Memphis' pro day beginning at 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, April 6.

There are 71 throws in the script Paxton Lynch and his private quarterback coach, Charlie Taaffe, have built for his pro-day workout Wednesday at the University of Memphis.

For Lynch, they represent 71 chances to show that the backseat is no place for him in a conversation about the top QB prospects that often includes only Carson Wentz and Jared Goff.

"This is my opportunity to show why I'm the best quarterback in the draft," Lynch said.

For Lynch, that meant building a script with more risk, and more reward.

"There's a lot of challenging stuff in there. I didn't want a pro day teams would consider to be on the safer side," Lynch said. "I've got a lot of throws on there that show off my arm. There's a few three-step throws in there, but that's not a tough drop and I don't think that's really what teams are there to see. They want to see five-step, seven-step, play-action and all that. We'll be moving the pocket and getting outside to show how I can throw on the run, and there's a good amount of deep throws in there."

Taaffe, who has been working with Lynch since Jan. 18, traveled to Memphis to see Lynch's pro-day preparation through to its end. They broke the script into two parts for final walk-throughs, going over the first half of Lynch's throws one day and detailing the second half of the script on another.

Lynch, for his part, has had enough of the waiting.

"It's ticking down," he said. "I wish it was now."

For a quarterback expected to be drafted in the first round, Lynch's training for pro day hasn't been interrupted by as many formal visits to NFL clubs as there could have been. He'll embark upon a whirlwind tour of such visits after his pro day, but to date, he's visited only the Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns. From the Browns visit, he traveled directly to Memphis to begin the on-campus leg of his pro-day preparation, throwing to UM receivers with whom he has a working chemistry.

The Philadelphia Eagles, who have conducted workouts with many of the draft's top passers, dropped in to work out Lynch on March 31.

Other than that, interruptions have been few since he arrived in Memphis.

"(The Eagles) ran a little late because the weather was pretty bad. There were some storms moving in and out, so they got here late and we were pressed on time," Lynch said. "So it was more up-tempo than the Cowboys workout, but it went well."

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