LSU FB J.C. Copeland brings NFL-ready size and attitude


HOOVER, Ala. -- LSU senior J.C. Copeland is a 275-pound wrecking ball of a fullback who figures to be clearing holes on Sundays in a little more than a year. He is a tough, physical presence who can inspire fear in opponents, and when he senses it, he's not afraid to say it. Fullbacks are just about at the bottom of the list when it comes to premium positions with respect to the NFL draft, but just about every team needs one. Which means as one of college football's most dominant players at the position, Copeland's chance at the pros is coming -- high draft pick or not. Below is some choice commentary from LSU's contingent at SEC Media Days on Copeland.

Coach Les Miles: "J.C. Copeland may be the largest fullback that there is, a 275-pounder that can catch and run, and occasionally will bend a facemask.

Quarterback Zach Mettenberger: "The guy's got a lisp. That's pretty funny. That's something we like to make fun of him about. There's a lot of stupid things he's done. Last year, Auburn game, we had a big run and he comes down and decks a dude after the play. We're like, 'J.C., you're probably the toughest and scariest guy on the field, but keep it in between the whistles.' Then there was the (42-yard) catch against Alabama, throwing two guys off of him and showing how fast a 275-pound meatball can run down the sideline. The guy is definitely a special talent and I'm glad he's on my team."

Safety Craig Loston: "When we played Auburn, I think he hit a dude and he flew like five yards. There are a couple of them -- you can't pick one. You can always expect him to make big blocks week in and week out. On the sideline, I'll be looking for it. Because I know it's is coming."

Wide receiver Jarvis Landry: "Mississippi State, on a 4th-and-1 last year. He was leading for Spencer Ware. That was one of the biggest blocks I've ever seen. He's our hammer. He's our tone-setter. He's our Hulk. He's that guy on offense who isn't very vocal but he let's his blocks speak for him."

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