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Les Snead says Rams have 'leader in clubhouse' for top pick

Les Snead got a little less coy about the Rams' plans with the 2016 NFL Draft's No. 1 overall pick on Monday, while at the same time continuing to milk the drama about which player the team will select after trading up from No. 15 last week.

The Rams' general manager said the club has its collective eye on a particular player.

"I can tell you this ... we have a leader in the clubhouse, obviously," Snead told The Dan Patrick Show. "But I do think when you make a move of this magnitude, which was nice for us, we did feel like there were two players. We did determine that. We felt like there were two players worthy of that and I think that's important to know. And yes there is a leader in the clubhouse, but you know we still do have over 10 days before the draft I believe. So not much can happen in that time, but a few things can happen and you want to cross your T's dot your I's and put your period on the sentence."

Previously, Snead had said the team had "a lot of hay in the barn," with regard to the decision. Heavy speculation is that the Rams will take one of two quarterbacks, North Dakota State's Carson Wentz, who is visiting the team this week, or Cal's Jared Goff. Goff will also visit the team before the draft, per ESPN. The Rams very quietly worked out both Wentz and Goff in February.

Of course, creating uncertainty about which direction they'll go in with the top pick could benefit the Rams. If the Cleveland Browns were interested in moving up to No. 1, Los Angeles could move down a spot, possibly get the player they wanted all along and pick up some more draft picks in the deal.

And while Snead couldn't hold much of a poker face with Patrick about whether the decision on the top pick had been made, he'll sit on the news until the draft just the same.

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