Les Miles gives advantage to Odell Beckham, Jarvis Landry


Odell Beckham, Jr., and Jarvis Landry could be too much for Alabama's cornerbacks to handle Saturday when the Crimson Tide plays host to the Tigers.

That's not exactly what LSU coach Les Miles said when asked about the matchup Monday, but it was difficult to infer anything else.

For the sake of full context, here is a transcript of both question and answer, as published by nola.com:

Question: "Coach, when you watch Alabama's defense, particularly their corners, what do you see in their ability and what kind of advantage might you have with two talented receivers that you have going head-to-head with them, forcing them into some things they don't like to do?"

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Miles' answer: "We like the matchup. We think that we kind of give them some challenges on the perimeter. We got a quarterback, first of all, that can make the throw and several receivers that can get open in space. Again, once who we're playing, they are a very good team, but we think there is a matchup there that benefits us."

Bulletin-board material? As always, what meets that standard is only in the eye of the jilted. Certainly, teams and players have taken offense to less, even though Miles didn't suggest Alabama's cornerbacks aren't good players. Nor is he one to disrespect an opponent; typically. But this year, the defending national champions have had rabbit ears worse than a little league umpire when it comes to this sort of thing.

Rightly or wrongly, Alabama players have rallied over comments by Ole Miss quarterback Bo Wallace (which, by the way, were also in regard to Alabama's cornerbacks), and took offense as well to being called "the red team" by Tennessee two weeks ago.

Given that, it wouldn't be altogether shocking if Miles' comments make their way to Alabama's secondary in quick fashion.

Either way, Alabama's cornerbacks, led by 2014 NFL Draft prospect Deion Belue, had better make the most of their chance against Landry and Beckham. Indications are, a second chance may never come.

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