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Lavonte David: Bucs veterans will ask Winston to 'tone it down'

Former Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston doesn't lack for confidence or competitiveness. But if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers make him the No. 1 overall pick of the draft, as widely expected, linebacker Lavonte David says it wouldn't be a surprise if some Bucs veterans ask him to tone it down a bit early in his pro career.

David, one of the Bucs' few high-caliber players, told The Tampa Tribune on Tuesday that if Winston is indeed the Bucs' pick, it might be suggested that he come across a little less cocky.

"We've got guys in this locker room with great character, and once he comes -- if we draft him and he comes into the locker room -- we have some guys, some veteran guys, that will pull him to the side and make him understand that there's a role here he has to play, and sometimes he may have to tone that down," David told the Tribune. "Some guys may just say, 'Be yourself; that's who you are, so be yourself.' But I don't think (he) will be a distraction or anything like that. I'm sure if he comes in, he'll adapt to what we have going on in the locker room."

David's comments about Winston and the Bucs are interesting, especially since Winston hasn't officially been drafted by the team yet. Then again, there are some veterans who aren't averse to sending messages via the media, and this definitely was a message.

At the same time, the Bucs could use some of Winston's swagger. Winston received high marks from his coaches and his FSU teammates for his leadership abilities and his cool under pressure; Winston led FSU to six wins by six or fewer points in 2014. The Bucs need someone to take control on offense, and it could end up being Winston, even as a rookie. Presuming Winston is the choice, of course.

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