Lane Kiffin trolls rival Tennessee over recruiting struggles

Alabama football is already a sore subject for Tennessee fans with the Crimson Tide riding a nine-game win streak over the rival Volunteers. But leave it to Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin to twist the knife a bit.

The former Tennessee head coach -- who left the UT fan base feeling understandably jilted after just one season there -- took to Twitter on Monday to repost a Gridiron Now story about the program's struggles recruiting the top players in its own state:

Suffice it to say, UT fans were not amused. A quick look at Kiffin's Twitter mentions were ... uhh ... unmentionable here.

Despite any struggles with specific in-state recruits, it's undeniable that Tennessee coach Butch Jones has recruited well in general. In fact, that's a major reason why expectations are high for UT to take a big step forward this year after posting an SEC record of just 10-14 over the last three seasons. Jones' last three recruiting classes have been ranked 15th, fifth and fifth in the nation, according to

Kiffin coached at Tennessee in 2009, suffering one of the nine consecutive losses Alabama coach Nick Saban has handed UT. He was then offered the head coaching position at USC, and took the job amid heavy criticism for leaving the Volunteers just a year after arriving.

His eventual return to the SEC as Alabama's offensive coordinator makes him a natural target for Tennessee fans, but with tweets like this one he makes the target just a little bigger.

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