Lane Kiffin left behind by team buses after national title win

A funny thing happened after Alabama's national title victory Monday night.

The team buses left the stadium without offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin.

The coach referenced his misfortune in a tweet early Tuesday morning.

The buses accidentally departed without Kiffin after he lingered to speak with reporters after the game, per reports. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time Kiffin didn't make it onto the team buses after a game. He was fired in 2013 as USC's head coach on the tarmac upon arriving from a trip to Arizona State, and didn't get a ride from the team that day, either.

"First, I get fired on the tarmac, and now I get left behind at the national championship," Kiffin told FOX Sports.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban said Tuesday that Kiffin "ended up hitching a ride with me." Saban said he almost always misses the team buses and ends up being somebody's fallback for a ride.

What a nice boss.

Later on Tuesday, Kiffin provided evidence that he had made for it his ride back to Alabama.

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