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Landon Collins: Playing for Redskins would be my dream

Ask any NFL prospect whom they would like to play for in the league, and you'll probably get the standard answer: "Any team."

Ask the same question to Alabama safety Landon Collins, however, and you'll actually get a specific answer.

"I grew up a Redskins fan," Collins said on NFL Network's "Path to the Draft." "I was a big Sean Taylor and Clinton Portis fan. Those were my two favorite players, so I grew up seeing them play for the Redskins, so that would be my dream, to play there."

The Redskins could undoubtedly use an upgrade in the secondary, but they have the No. 5 overall pick, a spot that might be a little rich for Collins based on his draft projections. While he is NFL Media analyst Mike Mayock's top safety in the draft and possibly the only first-rounder at his position, mock drafts project him more in the range of picks 16-29.

What if Collins' stock slipped on draft night, and he were taken by the Redskins in the second round -- would he prefer that? Collins didn't skip a beat in saying he would rather go in the first round.

"No," he said with a laugh. "Not at all." 

Given that the franchise is "open for business" with the No. 5 pick though, Collins probably wouldn't mind seeing the Redskins trade back in the first round and grab him.

No word, however, on what team Collins' mother hopes will draft him after a very public response the day Collins signed with Alabama.

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