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LaFleur: Not a 'necessity' to see Rodgers in preseason

How all-world quarterback Aaron Rodgers and fresh-faced head coach Matt LaFleur mesh and the Green Bay offense follows has been a prevailing offseason storyline.

After a tease of a first look in the preseason failed to come to fruition on Thursday, LaFleur noted that he would still like to see Rodgers play in the preseason but it's not a necessary call to game action.

"I think we'd like to see him, but you're talking about a veteran quarterback that's played a lot of football," LaFleur said via following the Packers' 26-13 defeat to the Ravens. "I don't think it's a necessity, but it's certainly something that we'd like to see."

It was on Tuesday in which LaFleur said Rodgers would play in Thursday's Week 2 preseason tilt -- something not often glimpsed in Green Bay as the perennial Pro Bowler has played in just six preseason games over the last four years.

However, those plans didn't take long to go by the wayside as Rodgers was held out due to back tightness, the team announced.

LaFleur reaffirmed it was merely cautionary concern.

"No long-term concerns, he was a little tight yesterday," LaFleur said. "It was just all precautionary. You don't want to put him at risk putting him out there if he's not 100 percent."

Perhaps Rodgers' first game action in LaFleur's offense will wait until the games truly matter. For now it appears the status of the QB's back will determine if we catch a preseason glimpse or have to wait until the season kicks off against the rival Chicago Bears.

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