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Kyler Murray believed almost universally to be top pick

Momentum is building toward a ground-shaking start to the draft.

Despite drafting supposed franchise quarterback Josh Rosen early in the 2018 draft, the Arizona Cardinals have been linked to Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray at No. 1 for the last month for often speculative reasons. But NFL Network's Kimberly Jones reported Saturday morning that there is a legitimate expectation around the league that Murray will go first overall to the Cardinals.

"In terms of Murray, people are beginning to believe almost universally he will indeed be the No. 1 pick in this draft by the Arizona Cardinals," Jones reported during NFL Network's coverage of the NFL Scouting Combine on Saturday. "In fact, teams picking in the top 10 believe they'll have no chance of drafting Murray. He's not the biggest quarterback in the world, but he is a very big presence at this combine."

Murray is not throwing at the combine at this week, though he did get measured on Thursday and spoke to the media on Friday. The QB told reporters he is meeting with the Cardinals this week.

"Coach Kingsbury, I know the type of offense he runs. He recruited me out of high school and I have a great relationship with him," Murray said. "If I were to play under him, I think it'd be a great deal. But I don't get to pick players. I just show up and do what I'm supposed to do. I'd obviously be very comfortable knowing how he operates that offense, what we look for, and how to operate everything ... me and him being together would be nice."

The 2018 Heisman Trophy winner will work out at Oklahoma's pro day on March 13.

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