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Josh Gordon can't make up mind on Browns' next quarterback

Forgive Josh Gordon if he can't make up his mind.

It's not easy for NFL general managers, either.

The Cleveland Browns wide receiver suggested he'd like to see Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel land in Cleveland last Friday, but just a few days later, he went with Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater.

"If I had to pick, after that pro day (last week) I saw with the pads on and everything, Johnny looks great right now," Gordon told NFL Network's Total Access. "He looks real good. He set a trend, trailblazing with the shoulder pads and helmet on, the camo shorts were looking good. ... Really, just to bring that spark to a team, that playmaking ability would be huge. To stop and start as quick as he does, elude defenders like that."

Earlier this week, in an interview with NFL Fan Pass, Gordon went another direction.

"I'll take Teddy Bridgewater. Play it safe. I'll take Teddy," he said.

Browns general manager, by contrast, has his top quarterback for the draft already picked out. At least, he did in mid-February.

If the club indeed intends on taking a quarterback with the No. 4 pick, the Houston Texans or Jacksonville Jaguars could make the decision much easier by taking a quarterback themselves with the first and third picks, respectively.

Gordon, for one, sounds like he could use a narrowing of the options.

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