Jon Gruden's goal after college was to coach at Michigan


Jon Gruden's stated goal in life was to be Michigan's coach.

Unfortunately for Wolverines fans who would love to see the Super Bowl-winning coach in Ann Arbor, he expressed that goal a long time ago, when he was in college at Dayton in 1984.

If Michigan (actually, a better word might be "when") fires Brady Hoke, you'd think school officials would put in a call to Gruden because, hey, isn't any big-name school with a coaching vacancy linked with him? At the same time, if Gruden wants to return to coaching, there's likely an NFL team that would hire him. (He already has been linked with the Oakland Raiders' vacancy.) Plus, Gruden had little patience for grown men playing quarterback and making mistakes; how in the world could he handle an 18- or 19-year-old quarterback making mistakes? It's also hard to see Gruden getting all that amped up to basically beg teens to come play for him -- and recruiting is all about begging.

Still, thinking about Gruden being unleashed on the relatively staid Big Ten -- that would be a heck of a lot of fun.

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