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Johnny Manziel, LeBron James in new McDonald's commercial

Once former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel started hanging out with LeBron James and texting him for advice, it was only a matter of time before the two ended up doing something big together.

That time is, apparently, here.

The world's best basketball player is the subject of a new television campaign by McDonald's in which he, not surprisingly, ends up running into Manziel hanging out in an exclusive spot.

Nothing like a little stiff-arm between friends, right?

Alluding to the fact that Manziel is in a super secret club before someone of LeBron's stature might also be an ingenious way for somebody to boost their stock ahead of May's NFL draft. Are you paying attention, Bob McNair?

The commercial is probably a result of Manziel signing with LRMR, the marketing and management firm run by LeBron's longtime associate Maverick Carter. The group has been seen together a number of times since Manziel took home college football's most prestigious trophy last year, and it's clear the business of Johnny Football is a priority for the growing company.

While we have to wonder what Fran Tarkenton thinks about all this, you can mark down the McDonald's ad as Manziel's first big win in the commercial sphere ahead of the draft. He has tried to stay out of the limelight since leaving college but has seen attention building since going to the NFL Scouting Combine in February. Manziel will transition from showing off his acting skills to showing off his passing skills at a pro day March 27.

Projections on where Manziel winds up have varied considerably, but it could be as high as No. 1 overall to the Houston Texans. James has made his preferences clear and previously stumped for his favorite NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys, to draft Manziel at No. 16 overall.

That scenario might seem unlikely at this point with so many teams in the top five needing a quarterback, but we're sure a theoretical photo of LeBron, Manziel and owner Jerry Jones would draw nothing but positive comments on the Internet.

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