Johnny Manziel is LeBron James' choice as Dallas' top pick

In his free time away from the Miami Heat, LeBron James apparently has done some football scouting.

James is a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys, and before the Heat's Tuesday-night victory over the Dallas Mavericks, James said it "would be great" if the Cowboys drafted Johnny Manziel.

"It's a winning franchise," he said, "and 'Johnny Football' is an unbelievable football player."

Perhaps it's a coincidence that Manziel also happens to have a business relationship with James. Manziel has hired Fenway Sports Management to oversee his marketing. When Fenway Sports Management, in partnership with LRMR Management -- James' marketing company -- announced it had signed Manziel as a client earlier this month, the Boston Globe reported that the goal was to help Manziel "transcend sports and become a global brand in the mold of James."

And while James can hope Dallas drafts Manziel, it isn't going to happen. First, the Cowboys have numerous problems, but quarterback isn't one of them. Second, unless they're willing to make a huge trade to move up in the draft, the Cowboys won't have a shot at Manziel picking at No. 16.

James seems to be a big fan of current Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, anyway.

"I think Tony's at a point now in his career where he's one of the greatest quarterbacks we have in our game because of his work ethic," reported James as saying. ("Our" game, LeBron? Hmmm.) "Nobody woke him up in the morning to go to practice. Nobody told him to go to OTAs. Nobody told him to stay after practice and throw to his receivers. He just goes out there and does it. We all make mistakes, but at the end of the day, if you work on your game, you can live with that."

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