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Johnny Manziel: Being a Cowboy 'would almost be a folktale'

With the Dallas Cowboys drafting with the 16th or 17th pick in the first round of the NFL draft, and just about any credible assertion of Johnny Manziel's draft value establishing him as a top 10 pick and perhaps even the No. 1 pick of the Houston Texans, Manziel doesn't figure to ever play in a Cowboys uniform, unless it's through a trade or free-agent signing.

A trade up in this year's draft? No real chance of that, given Dallas' financial commitment to Tony Romo. But a guy can dream.

Manziel admitted growing up a Cowboys fan and has made his way to a Cowboys game or two.

"I got a chance to meet Jerry (Jones)," Manziel said in an interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "I didn't know him. To get a chance to sit there and talk with him -- the guy is an absolute football fanatic. I really enjoyed meeting him. Until my mouth was sore from talking, and my ear was tired from hearing all of it, we sat there in his suite at Cowboys Stadium and talked for hours. It was awesome to see how he really is, how passionate he is about everything. Me growing up as a Cowboys fan -- I was born at halftime of a Cowboys game -- that would almost be a folktale in the correct direction. We'd have to call that 'Johnny something else.' I don't know what it would be."

Johnny Cowboy? Johnny Blue Star? Jerry's Johnny has a ring to it.

There might be a club or two without a top-10 draft pick that could have an interest in trading up for a quarterback, but the Cowboys don't figure to be one of them. The Tennessee Titans, at No. 11, probably top that list.

But Manziel in silver and blue isn't happening any time soon.

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