John Harbaugh: I hope Brady Hoke remains Michigan's coach

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh has been mentioned as a potential candidate at Michigan if the Wolverines were to fire Brady Hoke, and Harbaugh responded exactly as you would expect Monday afternoon.

"I'm interested in Brady Hoke being the head coach at Michigan for a long time to come," Harbaugh said during a news conference.

Harbaugh also said, "The Harbaughs believe in Brady Hoke."

Then again, what else is Harbaugh going to say: "Well, I am employed by the Baltimore Ravens, but, man, I sure am interested in coaching Michigan"?

There is no way Harbaugh would admit to any interest in the job, even if he were interested.

And as for those who think those rumors now will go away because of Harbaugh's statement? Maybe he's telling the truth, but come on: Instances of coaches saying one thing but doing another are legendary. Just look at college football's best coach: Didn't Nick Saban swear up and down he was going to remain as coach of the Miami Dolphins before taking the Alabama job?

There's no question Hoke is under fire and seems almost certain to be replaced. But don't expect any coach who currently has a job to admit public interest in the not-yet-vacant Michigan job.

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