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Jim Mora: Jaguars' Myles Jack will be rookie of the year

Myles Jack describes his slide to the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft as "humiliating". If the prediction of his college coach is correct, Jack's NFL career is about to take a turn in the opposite direction.

"(Jack will) be the rookie of the year. You watch," UCLA coach Jim Mora told The Rich Eisen Show on Friday. "He's so motivated. He's such a great athlete. He's such a great player, such a hard worker. He has a passion for the game that's unmatched."

Although a knee condition precipitated Jack's fall to the second round (No. 36 overall), it's a long-term concern and not expected to affect his readiness to play as a rookie. Prior to concerns about his knee damaging his draft stock, Jack was thought to be an early first-round choice, with one NFL scout suggesting he was the best player in the entire draft.

Indeed, Mora places Jack in rare company among the players he's crossed paths with during his coaching career.

"I have no doubt that (Jack) is going to be one of the great ones in this league," Mora said. "I've been lucky to be around great athletes. I've been involved with 19 Hall of Famers. The greatest athletes I've been around in my career are Mike Vick, Julius Peppers and Myles Jack. That's pretty good company right there. He could probably be a Pro Bowl running back or linebacker."

Jack played linebacker, running back, safety and cornerback for the Bruins. He's ticketed for outside linebacker duty in Jacksonville, which should have one of the league's most improved defenses.

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