Jim Kelly: Sean McDermott brings discipline to Buffalo

The Buffalo Bills are just beginning their latest rebuild in a string of rebuilds that has seen the franchise miss the postseason every year this millennium.

Jim Kelly, the Bills' most famous alum, is on board with the different approach new coach Sean McDermott imported to Buffalo this go-around.

"I'm excited about the 2017 Buffalo Bills. Coach McDermott brings discipline to the table that we haven't had in a while," he said Tuesday at the Jim Kelly Football Camp, via the Bills' official Twitter feed.

It's not the first time Kelly has been "excited" about a coaching change. The Hall of Fame quarterback was invigorated by the Rex Ryan hiring in 2015 before things went sideways.

The thing to note from Kelly's comment this time around is the discipline factor. McDermott's approach swings the pendulum to the opposite end from how Ryan managed things.

Kelly's comment suggests he believes the discipline change could be beneficial to the Bills. Whether McDermott has the talent at this stage to swiftly carry out the team rebuild remains to be seen.

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