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Jim Kelly, Rex Ryan 'all good' after minor spat


Rex Ryan and Jim Kelly seem to have placed a once-bubbling feud on the back burner to cool off.

"Yeah, we already texted," Kelly recently said, via WGR-AM. "That's all good."

Back in early June, Kelly told The Jim Rome Show that Rex Ryan would likely lose his job if the Bills didn't make the playoffs this season. That didn't sit well with Ryan, though he bit his tongue in lieu of a feud with the face of the Bills' franchise.

Though it is likely the farthest thing from Ryan's mind right now -- the entire family is mourning the loss of Ryan's father, Buddy, who passed away earlier this week at the age of 85 -- it will be nice to have Kelly on his side (or at least more guarded about his comments) once training camp opens. Kelly is the type of conduit Ryan needs to keep happy in a city that still hails him as one of the greatest NFL players in history.

As we've mentioned before, Ryan likely learned his lesson in New York, where he was consistently baited by an attention-seeking Joe Namath. Once Ryan started addressing some of Namath's more outlandish commentary, the feud created an almost comical sideshow to an organization that was struggling to rediscover its mojo.

This is the perfect example of what people talk about when they liken the current NFL head coaching position to that of a CEO or company president. There is so much more work involved these days and Ryan is learning that one job at a time.