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Jim Harbaugh tells players he's staying at Michigan

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh told his players earlier this week that he won't be leaving them to coach the Los Angeles Rams or any other NFL club. At least, that's how Wolverines senior Ryan Glasgow described a brief comment Harbaugh made on the subject.

"He said '(I'll keep this) short, sweet and to the point: I'm not leaving'," Glasgow said Tuesday, according to MLive Media Group. "He said (the NFL rumors) are 'lies made up by our enemies'."

Harbaugh is saying the same thing publicy that he's saying privately. On Tuesday, he addressed the speculation during the team's annual football bust.

"I'm not leaving Michigan," Harbaugh said, per MLive. "I'm not even considering it."

He repeated the allegation that the rumors are coming from UM's enemies, suggesting that rival coaches, three in particular that he did not name, are spreading falsehoods to gain an edge in recruiting. The always colorful Harbaugh referred to the coaches as "jive turkeys."

News of the Rams' firing of head coach Jeff Fisher had barely settled when former Rams great Eric Dickerson suggested Harbaugh would be a fine replacement. That's the last thing Harbaugh, who has been prickly in the past when asked about leaving one coaching position for another, wanted to hear. Michigan is preparing for an Orange Bowl date with Florida State.

"He said he's staying here, he ain't going nowhere," offensive lineman Erik Magnuson added. "A lot of it, unfortunately, is just distractions caused by -- some of it's by other teams. And it hurts in recruiting, I think. If they're saying 'Jim Harbaugh's going to the NFL' some recruits will think there's no stability in the coaching job at Michigan."

Of course, there's no reason to think Dickerson would want to do anything to undermine Michigan recruiting.

Regardless, Harbaugh isn't about to let rumors of a departure to the NFL cause problems for Orange Bowl preparation, or recruiting efforts, which culminate on National Signing Day in less than two months.

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