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Jim Harbaugh plans sleepover at top kicker recruit's house

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh isn't about to let the nation's No. 1 kicker recruit sign with Penn State without a strong push to bring him into the Wolverines' corner.

And as we've come to expect from Harbaugh, he's going to go all out in his attempt.

As Rockford High (Mich.) kicker Quinn Nordin tells it, the coach plans to arrive at Nordin's house at 12:01 a.m. on Friday morning -- the exact minute when it's legal for him to contact Nordin under recruiting rules. This won't be a quick pop-in visit, though. Harbaugh intends to sleep over at Nordin's house.

"Under the exact rules, he's going to be at my house at 12:01, he said. That's when it's legal for him to be at my house," Nordin told "He said we can watch a movie, see how well we gel and he said he would sleep over after that.

"I was in tears laughing when he said that. He said the next day, if my parents didn't want me to miss school, he would go to every class with me and go to lunch with me. I was laughing so hard."

Nordin also might have Harbaugh as a roommate for the night, whether he likes it or not.

"He told me if I had a 6-foot-3 inch piece of carpet for him to sleep on, that would be enough," Nordin said. "I said 'We have guest rooms,' and he said 'Tell you what, I'll just sleep on the floor in your room.' I said 'Coach, I have Penn State stuff all over my walls.' He said, 'Tell you what, I can help you take it down.'"

Maybe the two can talk about ideas for a Nordin-commitment-themed music video. If it's up to Harbaugh, Nordin we'll be dropping a remix to this elaborate one for the Feb. 3 Signing Day.

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