Jets, Raiders players question defensive call on Ruggs' game-winning TD

(Editor's note: The Jets have fired defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported Monday morning, per sources.)

There was plenty of disbelief emanating from Henry Ruggs III's game-winning touchdown catch on Sunday.

With a four-point lead and the Raiders near midfield with just seconds left to play, the Jets called an all-out blitz on third down. Raiders quarterback Derek Carr made them pay with a 46-yard TD throw to Ruggs for the 31-28 win.

"I couldn't believe they all-out blitzed us," Carr remarked after the game.

The all-out blitz not only left Ruggs with one-on-one coverage up the sideline, but far too few Jets were near the end zone to defend Carr's lofty throw. Ruggs used his speed to easily beat rookie cornerback Lamar Jackson downfield and was unbothered when tracking the deep ball.

"Once I looked back, it looked like the ball was in the air forever," Ruggs recalled. "It just wouldn't come down. I just had to find it and make a play.

"We were kind of surprised they brought the house like that."

Jets safety Marcus Maye repeatedly said after the loss that there should've been a better play call from defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

"We have to execute, but you have to help us out at the same time," Maye said.

Jets head coach Adam Gase didn't get into specifics about the play call, but was seemingly at a loss for words at the podium. "These players deserve better than that," said Gase, who is on the proverbial hot seat in his second season as the Jets coach.

Sam Darnold, who led a fourth-quarter drive for a go-ahead touchdown, shed light on the disbelief from a team that is no stranger to losing.

"It's hard to fathom losing a game like that," said Darnold.

The 31-28 defeat continues a winless season for the 2020 New York Jets, who are four losses away from an infamous 0-16 campaign.

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