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Jeremiah: Vic Beasley's rookie sack total will top Bud Dupree's

Atlanta Falcons rookie Vic Beasley made a bold prediction of 10 or more sacks in his first NFL season last week after being picked No. 8 overall.

And while he's still got a long season ahead to make good, at least one expert believes he's got a better chance at it than one of the draft's other top pass rushers -- Bud Dupree. As part of the "Ask DJ" segment of NFL Network's "Path to the Draft," NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah was asked if Beasley or Dupree had a better chance at a double-digit sack total as a rookie.

"He's a more polished pass rusher coming in year one than Bud Dupree," Jeremiah said of Beasley. "I love Bud Dupree's raw athleticism, but skill as a pass rusher, I give the edge to Beasley."

Dupree went No. 22 overall to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both clubs entered the draft in dire need of a young pass rusher. Analyst Charles Davis favored Beasley's 10-sack chances over Dupree, as well.

"You want to see what Pittsburgh is going to do on defense, (without) Dick LeBeau," Davis said. "Keith Butler is now the defensive coordinator, so you've got a different way of doing things."

Beasley's speed and explosiveness made him one of the stars of the NFL Scouting Combine in February, although his lack of size (246 pounds) could give him difficulty at the pro level. Dupree is much bigger at nearly 270 pounds and said before the draft that his size advantage made him a better option over some of the draft's other top prospects.

For both, piling up a big sack total first requires a healthy season, something that has already escaped the draft's highest-picked pass rusher. Dante Fowler of Florida, picked No. 3 overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars, will miss the season after sustaining a knee injury in his first practice Friday.

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