Jeremiah: Tajh Boyd could solidify himself as second-round pick

Clemson's Tajh Boyd will be one of the most scrutinized players this week at the Reese's Senior Bowl, and two NFL Media analysts have differing views on him.

Daniel Jeremiah said he thinks Boyd could solidify himself as a second-round pick with a good performance this week, though Jeremiah does have some concerns.

"One thing that I struggle with is when he needs to shuffle, reset his feet, when he gets pushed off his mark, decision making and accuracy takes a tumble," Jeremiah said Tuesday on NFL Network.

But Jeremiah praised Boyd's running ability, especially near the goal line. "I kind of thought as a runner he was a big asset down on the goal line because he is a power runner," he said. "He's like a mini Steve McNair out there. From yards out, he's tough to get down on the ground. There's a lot of elements of his game to like."

As for Boyd's size, which is a touch under 6-foot-2?

"His inconsistency and accuracy -- that's what's going to be holding him back more than his size," Jeremiah said.

Mike Mayock, however, said he is worried about Boyd's size and said Boyd "has to work hard to get into the second round." He compared Boyd to former Ravens quarterback Troy Smith.

"I was in Baltimore when we drafted Troy Smith," Jeremiah said. "I think (Boyd) is a little more accurate than Troy was. Troy, even when things were clean at times, could get erratic. When you see Tajh Boyd with time, and he can be in rhythm, he can sling it."

Mayock also said he likes how Boyd can throw "from different platforms," referring to his arm angle.

"He has an ability to fit it through defenders," Mayock said.

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