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Jeremiah: Redskins are team most in need of Marcus Mariota

Former Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota might be the most intriguing talent in the 2015 NFL Draft, even if he's considered by most to be the second-best player at his position this year.

Still, this is a quarterback-needy league and teams either have a franchise guy or are searching for one. Which of those teams without an answer at quarterback need Mariota the most, though? NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah had an answer that might surprise some, given whom Mariota would be joining on the depth chart.

"I would say the Washington Redskins (need Mariota the most), assuming that RG3 wasn't fully healthy," Jeremiah said on NFL Network's "Path to the Draft" Monday. "If RG3 is fully healthy, maybe that changes, but we haven't seen a very healthy RG3 over the last few years."

Considering how much the franchise gave up in a trade-up to get Robert Griffin III in 2012, it would be pretty interesting to see a potential starting quarterback like Mariota land in its lap if teams ahead of Washington in the draft pass on the 2014 Heisman Trophy winner.

"Let's assume Mariota is there at No. 5 -- there's a lot of buzz about him going even higher than that -- I think it's part of their discussion," Jeremiah said. "He'll be in those one, two, three players that they are going to debate and kick around. The fact that you have a new decision maker (in GM Scot McCloughan) maybe helps the fact that you go get a new quarterback."

The fact is, Mariota could go just about anywhere -- including to Washington -- and the uncertainty of where Mariota will go is the top storyline in the draft according to NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport.

It's a fun subject to ponder with so many scenarios in play for one of the draft's most exciting players. As for that question of which team needs Mariota the most, NFL Media analyst Charles Davis thinks it's the one picking right after the Buccaneers at No. 2.

"I would make the case for the Tennessee Titans at No. 2," Davis said. "Who do they have to chase down in their division? Andrew Luck. I know that they like Zach Mettenberger and his potential but I think with Marcus Mariota, there's a chance for greatness there. I think Ken Whisenhunt would enjoy the opportunity to bring him along."

Where in the world will Mariota land? That's anybody's guess, but there are clearly plenty of teams that could use his talents.

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