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Jeremiah mock draft 6.0: Browns, Giants, Saints land QBs

School: Texas A&M. I've heard all of the rumblings about Mitchell Trubisky being the pick here, but I just can't buy it. I'm not confident but I'll stick with Garrett here.

School: LSU. I think this pick comes down to either Adams or Solomon Thomas. Leonard Fournette is the wild-card choice.

School: Stanford. I'd also keep an eye on Malik Hooker and Marshon Lattimore here. Either player would fill an immediate need.

School: LSU. Fournette would be a huge asset for Blake Bortles and help the Jags determine whether or not he is the answer at the quarterback position once and for all.

School: Clemson. I think the Titans will trade out of this pick and target a pass-catcher. If they get stuck, I could see O.J. Howard being the choice.

School: Alabama. The Jets are another team likely to pursue a trade-back partner if possible.

School: Stanford. The Chargers could really take advantage of McCaffrey's skill set and he would complement Melvin Gordon very well.

School: Ohio State. Assuming McCaffrey is off the board, Hooker would be a great fit in Carolina.

School: Alabama. Allen could slide a little bit because of medical concerns, but he's worth a top 10-selection.

School: Ohio State. The Bills lost a talented cornerback in free agency and this would be a welcome addition to their defense.

School: Alabama. There are a bunch of teams targeting Foster around this portion of the draft.

School: North Carolina. I think the Browns will trade up to guarantee they can land Trubisky. The Titans are the obvious trade partner.

School: Temple. I think Patrick Mahomes is a real option here but Reddick would be too tempting to pass up.

School: Tennessee. The Eagles need cornerback help, but Barnett would be a great fit in this defensive scheme. He would make an immediate impact in this division.

School: Missouri. The Colts could look at several positions on the defensive side of the ball, but edge rusher is where they should start.

School: Western Michigan. The Ravens need to find a true No. 1 receiver and Davis is the best one in the draft.

School: Florida State. I know the Redskins have defensive needs, but Cook would be outstanding in this scheme.

School: USC. Jackson is gaining a lot of steam down the home stretch of the draft.

School: Miami. Njoku would team up with Cameron Brate to give the Bucs an excellent TE combination to go along with DeSean Jackson and Mike Evans on the outside.

School: Wisconsin. The Broncos need to address the offensive line and this could begin a mini-run on the position.

School: Florida. Davis is an excellent player with a combination of size, instincts and athleticism.

School: Western Kentucky. Laremy Tunsil kicks out to left tackle this season, which creates an opening at guard.

School: Texas Tech. The Giants land their eventual successor for Eli Manning.

School: Alabama. Humphrey is a polarizing player, but everyone agrees he has tremendous upside.

School: Alabama. Robinson can handle the right tackle position immediately with a chance to eventually take over the left side.

School: Utah. I think the Seahawks could look to trade down from this spot but if they stay, Bolles is a good fit.

School: Tennessee. Kamara is a perfect fit in the Chiefs' scheme and he has very little tread on the tires.

School: Washington. The Cowboys are desperate for help in the secondary and up front on the line of scrimmage. King is a tall, athletic cornerback with very good ball skills.

School: Oklahoma. This wouid be a bold move by the Packers, but Mixon is arguably the best running back in the draft and Green Bay would be a good spot for him to land.

School: Ole Miss. Engram's speed in the middle of the field would be scary surrounded by the rest of the skill talent on this offense.

School: UCLA. The Falcons need to add another rusher and they might move up to guarantee that they get one they like.

School: Clemson. I'm not sure the Saints would take a quarterback here, but I think they could easily find a trade partner if Watson is still on the board.

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