Jeremiah mock draft 5.0: Trubisky, Mahomes go back-to-back

Editor's note: This mock draft was published prior to the news that police are investigating Ohio State CB Gareon Conley after he was accused of rape by a woman earlier this month.

School: Texas A&M. There's been a lot of buzz about the possibility of the Browns taking Mitchell Trubisky, but I think Garrett ends up being the pick here.

School: LSU. This pick is anyone's guess. I wouldn't be surprised if they took Leonard Fournette, but Adams is the cleanest player in the draft.

School: Ohio State. The Bears could go in a number of different directions here, but they are desperate for an impact corner.

School: LSU. This pick just makes too much sense. Fournette would be a tremendous help to Blake Bortles.

School: Stanford. I think the Titans will aggressively shop this pick, but Thomas would be a nice fall-back plan if they can't get out.

School: Alabama. Howard will give the Jets a much-needed weapon in the middle of the field.

School: Ohio State. Gus Bradley's defense was made for Malik Hooker.

School: Stanford. This buzz has been building for a while. McCaffrey will provide some easy completions for Cam Newton.

School: Alabama. Foster's diluted drug test doesn't seem to be a big issue with teams. Either that or they are lying to me. I'll guess the former is true.

School: Temple. Several teams are targeting Reddick. I'll be surprised if he gets out of the top 15.

School: Alabama. This is higher than I expected for Humphrey, but his size-speed combination is intriguing.

School: North Carolina. I expect the Browns to move up to make sure Trubisky doesn't get scooped by another team in the top 10.

School: Texas Tech. This would be a surprising pick, but I'm told the Cardinals love the upside of Mahomes.

School: Tennessee. The Eagles need a cornerback, but Barnett might be too tempting to pass up.

School: Missouri. The Colts have a lot of needs on defense, but adding a big-time pass rusher is right at the top of the list.

School: Clemson. The Ravens haven't had much luck drafting wide receivers, but Williams has a tremendous resume.

School: Alabama. Allen could slide a little bit based on some medical concerns. He would be a steal at this point in the draft.

School: Western Michigan. The Titans need to give Marcus Mariota a playmaker; Davis qualifies.

School: Florida State. The Bucs could take an offensive lineman here, but Cook would be dynamic in this offense.

School: Wisconsin. The Broncos need to upgrade their offensive line; Ramczyk will help them do that.

School: Florida. Davis could go much higher than this, but he would be a good fit in Detroit if he were to be available.

School: Western Kentucky. Laremy Tunsil kicks out to left tackle this season, which creates an opening at guard.

School: Miami. Njoku is a unique athlete who would be scary surrounded by the playmakers in New York.

School: Ohio State. We could see a run on cornerbacks around this point of the draft.

School: Alabama. Robinson would be an immediate upgrade at right tackle for the Texans.

School: Utah. The Seahawks could go with a cornerback here, but Bolles' athleticism would fit well in their scheme.

School: Clemson. There has been a lot of chatter about the Chiefs looking at a quarterback in the first round. I'm not sure if Watson is their top guy, but he fits what they do schematically.

School: USC. Some teams have Jackson as the second-best cornerback in the draft. He might be long gone by this point.

School: Wisconsin. This one just makes too much sense. The Packers need another rusher and Watt is a stud.

School: Ole Miss. This would be a mild surprise, but Engram is well-regarded around the league.

School: Washington. King has the size to match up with the bigger wide receivers in the division. The Falcons have a good group of cornerbacks, but you can never have enough cover guys.

School: UCLA. McKinley seems to be sliding, but he is a very talented edge rusher.

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