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Jason Kelce undecided on future as both Kelce brothers process emotional Super Bowl LVII

The confetti has settled long enough for Jason and Travis Kelce to review their historic showdown in Super Bowl LVII.

The emotions of the loss are still too raw for Jason, 35, to decide how he'll proceed in 2023.

"Man, I can't answer that right now. No chance," the veteran Eagles center said on Wednesday during the latest episode of their New Heights podcast when discussing potentially retiring following the 2022 season. "We'll answer that soon enough, I guess. I don't know the answer to that right now. So I can't answer it.

"I do know it was a lot of fun this year. I had an amazing team and time doing this show with my brother, so we'll see. I'm gonna let the batteries recharge. I'm exhausted, man. It's a long season, mentally, physically, emotionally drained, and I'm gonna let all that kinda recover before we decide on that."

With Super Bowl LVII still fresh, Jason and Travis recorded another edition of their incredibly popular podcast, which was published Wednesday and included a full recap of the Super Bowl, the first in NFL history in which two brothers faced off against each other. Jason's Eagles fell to Travis' Chiefs, 38-35, in a thrilling contest that included every element of a highly entertaining game, but could produce only one winner between the two brothers.

Jason and Travis each because visibly emotional when discussing their postgame reactions, shedding tears while attempting to remain composed enough to recount the moment one brother became a two-time champion, while the other was forced to process the pain of losing on the game's greatest stage.

"The moment I saw Mom is when I got really emotional, because man, it was so awesome," Jason said as his eyes welled with tears. "Oh, man, f---. It was awesome for (her). ... She was on top of the world for a week. ... It was just so cool, man, to see her get to celebrate in that with us. It was an awesome moment. So just happy for her and so happy that she got her moment, Dad got his.

"Ironically, you lose the Super Bowl, and you're crying after the game, and they're not tears of sadness. They're tears of joy."

"That's why you're the best, brother," Travis replied as a tear streaked down his cheek.

"So, still sucked. Proud of my team, my guys," Jason continued. "Sorry, Philadelphia that we couldn't f---ing get it done, but happy for you guys and, you know, that's the way it goes sometimes."

Jason entered 2022 with plenty of uncertainty regarding his future after 11 seasons in the NFL. Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni didn't waste much time attempting to convince his All-Pro center to return for another year, sending him two kegs of beer as part of his pitch. Jason responded by recording a video of him drinking a beer from one of the kegs, which served as his announcement that he would return for another season, one that ended with his Eagles reaching the Super Bowl and falling painfully short of winning a second title in six seasons.

Kelce can certainly still perform at an elite level. If one needs proof, look no further than Jalen Hurts' four-yard touchdown run just before halftime, a play in which Kelce pulled from his center position to the left edge of the line, covering three gaps' worth of width before kicking out Chiefs linebacker Nick Bolton to create a lane through which Hurts ran for the score.

Both of the Kelce brothers remain among the NFL's elite, and while Travis, 33, has yet to field questions about his future, neither are getting any younger. Still, after a dream-like season in which the two launched a weekly podcast that exploded in popularity and simultaneously chronicled their journey to the Super Bowl, it's difficult to envision a 2023 season in which both aren't playing.

Whether or not it's Jason's last hurrah, the 2022 season will forever be a special one for the two kids from Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

"I was boo-hoo crying all week, man," Travis said. "It was a pretty cool experience. America, football world, I can't thank you enough for jumping on board, enjoying our family the way you did, supporting our family the way you did. One of the coolest feelings in the world, seeing your family accepted. Yeah, I love you guys for it. I'll remember that week and what led up to that game probably more than I'll remember most of what happened that game."

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