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Jameis Winston to face FSU disciplinary hearing

As Florida State's handling of star quarterback Jameis Winston's alleged sexual assault continues to draw pointed criticism, the defending Heisman Trophy winner learned Friday that the school is not yet finished with the case, either.

Winston will face a disciplinary hearing that could result in as many as four charges of FSU student conduct code violations, including two pertaining to sexual conduct, according to ESPN. Under school policy, the hearing would not be scheduled until after an information hearing that Winston must schedule within five days.

Said John Clune, who represents Winston's accuser: "It's a highly unusual process, and the decision to avoid making a charging decision is a way to get around making a determination about interim football suspensions."

Translation: Clune believes that Winston playing uninterrupted football as the No. 1-ranked Seminoles continue a push for a potential second consecutive national championship remains enough of a priority to affect the course of the case.

Meanwhile, Winston's attorney, David Cornwell posted a Tweet suggesting an entirely different perspective of the school's actions.

Winston and Cornwell, were notified of the hearing in a letter from FSU interim president Garnett Stokes and Mary Coburn, the school's vice president for student affairs.

FSU is under a federal Title IX investigation into whether it's handling of the case met requirements under gender equity laws. Winston was not charged following the state's criminal investigation. Winston, a third-year sophomore, could enter the NFL draft as early as 2015 if he were to declare eligibility after the season, but is expected to return to FSU for at least one more year after this one.

The Seminoles (5-0) face Syracuse Saturday.

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