Jameis Winston stopped by police at gunpoint in 2012 incident


The off-the-field issues that have followed Jameis Winston around during his time at Florida State have been well chronicled.

There was of course the sexual assault case involving a female student that dogged the Heisman Trophy winner for much of last year. Then there was the much-publicized issue of the quarterback being cited for shoplifting crab legs at a local grocery store. And let's not forget when he was accused, somewhat amusingly, of stealing soda from a local Burger King.

Now we can add yet another incident to Winston's file, as the Seminoles star was stopped and detained by police at gunpoint back in 2012, according to USA Today. A police report obtained by the paper stated that Winston and defensive end Chris Casher were suspects after an unidentified person reported that two people were carrying a handgun on campus.

"I believe the suspects may have had a firearm so for my safety and the safety of the other individuals in the area, I drew my firearm from its holster and pointed it at the suspects with my finger outside the trigger guard," wrote Officer Anthony Gioannetti in the police report obtained by USA Today.

Winston and Casher were also reportedly investigated that same week for damage at their apartment complex sustained in a BB gun fight. The pair reportedly told officers that they were shooting at squirrels on a trail near campus and that they were using a pellet gun to do so. Each denied taking part in the BB gun battle that caused a reported $4,200 worth of damage but noted they had be involved in such incidents in the past with several other Florida State teammates.

USA Today also reported FSU's senior associate athletics director Monk Bonasorte arranged for Seminoles players like Winston and Casher to split the cost of the damages.

NFL Media analyst Bucky Brooks has noted how much Winston's maturity is a concern for those in NFL front offices when it comes to the star quarterback and the draft, and the latest incident brought to light probably won't help in that department.

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