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Jameis Winston's attorney requests Florida State hearing delay

The school code of conduct hearing facing Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston could be delayed after David Cornwell, the Florida State quarterback's attorney, requested more preparation time from the school.

"Mr. Cornwell obviously doesn't want his client to ever to do this hearing," said John Clune, who represents the accuser, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Winston was accused of a sexual assault stemming from a December, 2012 incident. No criminal charges were brought against Winston, but the incident has continued to haunt his reputation in a variety of ways. Aside from the much-criticized failure of the Tallahassee Police Department to alert the state attorney in a timely manner, Winston also faces a school hearing, scheduled for the week of Nov. 17, which could find him in violation of as many as four sections of the school's code of conduct. Two of those four deal with sexual conduct.

Amid all this, representatives for both Winston and the accuser have been critical of one another's legal stances through both traditional and social media, aggressively framing their cases in public.

Cornwell said when the hearing was initially set that preparation on Winston's behalf required an indefinite period of time. Friday, he followed through on that matter by requesting the extra time. Florida State now must consider the request as a federal Title IX probe considers whether the school took proper steps in investigating the allegation.

Despite the questions about Winston's character, which also stem from several immature acts of a more juvenile nature, he has been projected as an early first-round draft pick if he chooses to declare 2015 draft eligibility.

Winston, 21-0 as a starter and leader of the defending national champions, and the Seminoles are set to battle visiting Virginia on Saturday.

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