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Jadeveon Clowney traffic stop video released by police


A video of the South Carolina Highway Patrol officer who ticketed Jadeveon Clowney for speeding at 110 miles per hour in a 70-mph zone has been released, indicating Clowney faces a court date of Jan. 9.

The 11-minute video is largely absent drama, although video indicators on the dashboard camera showed the officer reached a speed of 142 mph in pursuit. According to The State, the officer pursued Clowney for three miles. At the 3:42 mark, the officer says, "I've got Clowney stopped down here on the interstate going 110. ... Clowney ... I just thought I'd let you know."

Near the end of the video, the officer returns to Clowney's Chrysler 300 to tell him about his citation and court date.

Because Clowney was traveling at such a high rate of speed, his driving record is subject to six points for the offense, with a fine believed to be less than $500. NFL Media analyst Bucky Brooks discussed how the offense could be incorporated into the growing list of concerns that NFL clubs could have about Clowney in their evaluations of him.

Clowney is expected to declare early NFL draft eligibility in the coming weeks and has been projected as a high first-round pick as the nation's most talented defensive end. According to NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah, teams expected to select higher in the draft which have a need for Clowney's position include the Atlanta Falcons, Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars.

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