J.J. Watt: 'You're gonna have to give me a second to choose a new team and city'

Sometimes more options make choices more difficult.

The place between weighing options and making a decision is apparently where J.J. Watt sits as he searches for a new squad for the first time in his career.

Rumors have connected the three-time Defensive Player of the Year to Pittsburgh to play with his brothers or Green Bay to return home. Cleveland and Buffalo reportedly have an interest in the veteran defensive lineman. The Tennessee Titans have publicly stated that they've reached out. Cardinals receiver DeAndre Hopkins is campaigning for his former teammate to join him in Arizona.

Beyond that, Watt is subject to constant barrages on social media, with fans asking him to take up with their favorite team. A Cardinals fan (presumably) with the Twitter handle KylerDhop wrote to Watt on Sunday, "You wanna sign somewhere or nah?"

J.J. responded:

"I scroll through door dash for like an hour before I pick a restaurant man...You're gonna have to give me a second to choose a new team and city."

We've all been there on a food app scrolling endlessly with no end in sight. It can be an exhausting task.

Watt has previously noted "free agency is wild," presumably because his options are far-ranging.

Despite the interest in the game-wrecking defensive lineman, Watt might have to wait until after the salary cap is officially set, so clubs know precisely how much money they're working with in 2021. We know the cap won't dip below $180 million, but much of the league business ahead of the new league year on March 17 has been delayed until it's officially set.

After his request to be released from Houston, Watt will take his wares to a new city for the first time in his professional career. The decision will come soon enough. Until then, Watt will keep scrolling through his options.

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