Iowa St. coach Paul Rhoads blasts officials for no-call vs. Texas

It might be time to call Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads the Hulk because Big 12 officials definitely don't want to see him when he is angry.

Rhoads unleashed Gamma radiation rage Thursday night on officials for the non-call that cost the Cyclones a win over Texas.

With the Longhorns trailing 30-24, running back Johnathan Gray fumbled short of the goal line with 1:08 left in the fourth quarter and the ball was recovered by ISU linebacker Jeremiah George. But the ruling on the field was that Gray was down by contact and the play was dead before the change of possession. The replay official ruled that the play stood as called, even though the ball was clearly out before a whistle was blown.

Quarterback Case McCoy scored the game-winning touchdown on a 1-yard sneak two plays later for the 31-30 result.

Rhoads was less than pleased.

"To make a play on the 1-yard line with their backs against the wall, clear to everybody, and have it taken away from them, that's hard to express. You don't just put an arm about a guy and tell him that's OK when that happens," Rhoads said during his postgame press conference, with both the volume of and anger in his voice rising as he spoke.

"I've got pretty good eyesight. The view I had of that gigantic screen in the north end zone showed a player that was not down and our guy with the football," Rhoads added.

Rhoads was careful enough in the phrasing of his remarks that he likely will avoid a fine or reprimand from the Big 12, but the intent was more than clear.

To sum it up: Rhoads smash.

UPDATE: The Big 12 Conference released a statement Friday, saying the officials made the correct call on the play that led to Rhoads' outburst.

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