Iowa's Ferentz: OT Scherff might pull a Joe Thomas on draft day


CHICAGO -- We're a long way from the 2015 NFL Draft, but Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz is already imagining how the Hawkeyes' potential top-10 pick, offensive tackle Brandon Scherff, will spend draft day.

Ferentz expects Scherff to be one of the players invited to attend the draft. He's not sure the star tackle will attend, though.

"He may be the next Joe Thomas. ... I could see him opting for fishing over going and getting a $1,000 suit, or whatever those cost," Ferentz said Tuesday at Big Ten Media Days. "That's just not him."

Thomas famously turned down an invitation to the 2007 draft and went fishing instead. The decision seemed to work out just fine for him -- he was selected No. 3 overall by the Cleveland Browns and has made the Pro Bowl in all seven of his NFL seasons.

There's already talk Scherff has the potential to be drafted just as early, if not earlier.

Scherff, however, is about as grounded a star as you will find, as Ferentz pointed out on Monday, and said Tuesday that his focus is on the season at hand, not what might come after it. If the invite to attend the draft does come his way, though, he said he might actually choose hunting over fishing and the draft.

"I think (the draft is) during turkey-hunting season, so I might be turkey hunting," he said. "... I love enjoying the outdoors. I wouldn't trade it for a thing."

Between his weight-lifting endeavors and potential draft-day plans, Scherff, fan of the spotlight or not, is becoming one of the most interesting players in college football.

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