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Instant Debate: Who are you picking, 'Team Bucky' or 'Team DJ'?

Clowney-Bridgewater-tos-130821.jpg analysts Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah executed a fun exercise of selecting college all-star teams using the NFL's new Pro Bowl draft format. Check out the rosters below for each of their all-star teams. Now, who do you think wins in a game, "Team Bucky" or "Team DJ"?

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  • Daniel Jeremiah
  • Dominant front seven gives my team the edge

I'm obviously biased toward my own team. I feel very confident that my front seven would dominate in this matchup. I have three elite pass rushers on the outside and two dominant interior defensive linemen.

On the other side of the ball, the combination of Johnny Manziel, De'Anthony Thomas and Amari Cooper should put up some points in the passing game and I have the best two running backs in all of college football.

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  • Bucky Brooks
  • My squad would make this game fun to watch

Instead of picking a winner, I'll provide my thoughts on my drafting strategy. As an NFL scout, I gave special consideration to physical dimensions, work ethic, character and a host of other critical factors in the evaluation. For this project, however, I wanted to pick 22 players that would form a high-octane offense and a disruptive defense.

From an offensive standpoint, I wanted a polished pocket passer with enough athleticism to execute some of the read-option principles prevalent in the college game. While I don't envision my quarterback running a lot, the ability to evade pressure and make plays on the move is necessary against elite defenses. On the perimeter, I wanted to surround my quarterback with speedy receivers that have the ability to turn short passes into big gains. In the backfield, I wanted a couple of explosive runners. Given the nature of my wide-open approach, I wanted to invest in the offensive line early to guarantee my franchise QB maximum protection.

Defensively, I opted for versatile playmakers with proven track records over flashy headliners. I wanted to stockpile the defensive roster with several hybrid defenders to give my defensive coordinator enough flexibility to morph between a 3-4 and 4-3 scheme on a down-by-down basis. I also wanted a few ball hawks in the secondary to snag the overthrown passes forced by the pressure created by my front seven. Given the importance of takeaways on the outcome of the game, I placed a premium on guys with disruptive skills. Although we will never know the outcome of this fantasy game, I'm confident my squad would certainly make it enjoyable to watch.

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  • Charles Davis
  • 'Team Bucky' has talent across the board

Pick a winner?! Talk about an impossible task ... the amount and quality of athletes on each board is staggering.

At first blush, "Team DJ" jumps out at you. The best player in the country in Clowney? Johnny Football at QB? T.J. Yeldon toting the rock? Hard to see them getting beat ... but "Team Bucky" is more than up to the task, and they are my choice.

Teddy Bridgewater has the talent and the moxie to play on the big stage. Marqise Lee is the best game breaker in the country. Ifo Ekpre-Olomu is a lock-down corner. Will Sutton destroys interior offensive lines. Trent Murphy at linebacker will finally get the attention he deserves. Finally, love the O-line led by David Yankey and Jake Matthews. Can you believe that Kyle Van Noy and Ryan Shazier are also on this team?! No upset ... "Team Bucky" by a solid touchdown. That's right, I said it.

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  • Chase Goodbread NFL Draft 365
  • A defense loaded with SEC talent means 'Team DJ' wins

There is really no separating "Team Bucky" from "Team DJ" offensively -- both drafted legitimate star power at the skill positions, dynamic quarterbacks and outstanding offensive lines. It's on defense where "Team DJ" comes away victorious. The Southeastern Conference plays defense like nowhere else in the nation, and "Team DJ" loaded his defense with SEC stalwarts Jadeveon Clowney, Marcus Roberson, C.J. Mosley and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. "Team Bucky"? Just one SEC defender: LSU standout safety Craig Loston, and four on defense from the land of arm tackles Pac-12.

Johnny Manziel, Todd Gurley and T.J. Yeldon in the same backfield? With De'Anthony Thomas and Amari Cooper on the outside? That is a ton of firepower (I would've taken North Carolina TE Eric Ebron to add even more, but that's nitpicking). Actually, that's an unstoppable offense. And Jadeveon Clowney, Anthony Barr and Khalil Mack to rush the passer? Geez, I feel bad for Teddy Bridgewater. And Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Ed Reynolds cleaning up any mess in the secondary? In short, I pick "Team DJ." That said, Marqise Lee and Sammy Watkins are the two best receivers in the nation, and they're on the same team. And with Bridgewater throwing to them, I wouldn't want to be Marcus Roberson and Bradley Roby. Still, "Team DJ" would win in a shootout.

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  • Dan Greenspan NFL Draft 365
  • Pass rush of 'Team DJ' will be too much for Bridgewater

The ability to disrupt the quarterback is the most important attribute for a defense. It leads to turnovers, sacks and third-down stops. It is modern football, and "Team DJ" has it in abundance. Jadeveon Clowney and Anthony Barr are the two best edge rushers in college, pure and simple. Leonard Williams has the athleticism to bring pressure as a 3-4 end or 4-3 tackle, allowing the defense to alternate between even and odd fronts with Clowney, Louis Nix III and his former Notre Dame teammate Aaron Lynch. That group of five will be in Bridgewater's face all day -- we've already seen Clowney against Michigan offensive tackle Taylor Lewan in the Outback Bowl. Not even Bridgewater can get the ball to Marqise Lee and Sammy Watkins lying flat on his back.

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