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In the Green Room with North Carolina TE Eric Ebron

Most believe he's the most talented tight end in the 2014 NFL Draft, but former North Carolina star Eric Ebron isn't resting on his laurels and cruising through the pre-draft process.

College Football 24/7 caught up with Ebron during his visit to NFL Network and put him on the clock to answer everything from where he'll wind up in the NFL to how far his beloved Tar Heels basketball team will go in the NCAA tournament.

The last tight end drafted in the top 10 was Vernon Davis in 2006. Are you the next?

Eric Ebron: I don't see why not. I have everything that teams need, and I have the want, so I don't see why not.

The Falcons are sitting at No. 6 in the draft. How would you feel about replacing a legend like Tony Gonzalez?

EE: People say those are big shoes to fill, but I've got big feet. I wouldn't mind that at all. He was a heck of a player. I wouldn't want that task to fall on anybody else. I think I would be a great fit for it.

What is going to make you a great tight end when you get to the league?

EE: The same way I was a great tight end in college, I'm going to bring what I was blessed with. I was blessed with speed and talent and my knowledge of the game. Hopefully, that translates to being a great, if not amazing, tight end in the NFL.

You're known for your pass-catching skills, but you also have to block. What have you told teams about your blocking skills, and what do you have to do to improve?

EE: Everybody needs something to work on. That's basically what I've said. Not everybody coming into the NFL is perfect. If that were the case, there would be no need for you to come play in the NFL. I do the best I can (blocking) and try to work on whatever I need to work on.

There are a few tight ends that could go in the first round this year. What separates you from guys like Jace Amaro and Austin Seferian-Jenkins?

EE: Those are great tight ends. They both are great pass-catchers, they both are great blockers. What separates me is my athleticism. It's what I have over them.

Your travel agent is probably pretty busy. What teams have you visited, and what's on the docket before the draft?

EE: Honestly, I wish I could tell you, but all I know is my April is packed with teams. My pro day is (March) 25th, and after that, I'll be in and out of airplanes.

Who would you say is showing you the most interest?

EE: There's a few of them, honestly, so it's getting really, really hectic. My agent is the one that really knows all that. I've talked to a couple of teams. I've talked to the Giants, the Lions, the Ravens, the 49ers. I talked to a whole bunch of teams at the combine."

The Panthers just released Steve Smith and are in the market for some weapons for Cam Newton. How thrilled would you be to play for your home-state team?

EE: To be at home, that's a blessing. To play in North Carolina and then get drafted and stay in Carolina is a blessing. I definitely would love that, but I'd love to play for any team. It honestly doesn't matter. I don't care where I go.

You vowed to top former teammate Gio Bernard's 40 time (4.53) last month. You ran a 4.6 at the combine. Are you going to run the 40 at your pro day for one more shot at Gio?

EE:No, Gio knows I'm faster than him. I pulled my hamstring (at the combine), so he knows he got lucky. I had a great time with the pulled hamstring, so I'm not too upset and won't run that again.

You received a scholarship offer from Butch Davis well before your junior year of high school. How much do you still have to learn about playing tight end?

EE: A lot. It's still a lot to learn at any position because you're just not up and ready to master everything. You have to keep working at it. I'm pretty sure Peyton Manning still has to work on the quarterback position. There's never a day off. You always have to work.

What kind of advice have you received from some of the Tar Heels already in the league?

EE: I've talked to Gio, and I've talked to Alge Crumpler. All they say is to really just be yourself. It's what got me here, and being myself will take me even further.

How much of the UNC hoops team have you watched, and how far do you think they'll go in the NCAA tournament?

EE: There's no telling. I hope this loss we just took (to Pitt in the ACC tournament) sparks some anger in our basketball team. I think they're a good team. They're awfully young, but they're good, and I'm not worried about them too much.

Several NFL tight ends played hoops in college. Did Roy Williams ever try to get you to come on the team?

EE: (laughs) No, I never considered playing.

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