In the Green Room with former Auburn DE Dee Ford

Across the country, NFL beat writers are hoping the team they cover picks not only an interesting player in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, but a very quotable one. If they ask a few college football reporters about who they should look for, they will probably find more than one person say Dee Ford.

College Football 24/7 caught up with very entertaining and highly regarded Auburn Tiger to ask him about everything from private workouts to fashion choices.

What's this whole draft process been like for you?

What teams have you scheduled or visited for private workouts?

What do you tell teams is your biggest strength as a player?

Some teams are looking at you as an outside linebacker. What do you tell them about dropping into coverage?

Is there somebody looking forward to playing against in the NFL?

If you end up getting invited to the draft in New York City, will you accept?

You came so close to winning a national title. Do you still think about the game and how close you were?

How much have you talked with former Auburn players in the NFL?

Do you get a sense of where you'll go to in the first round?

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